Month: November 2017

PowerApps Tip Corner – Use Variables!

As any developer will tell you, variables are some of the most important objects when you are creating an application, and that holds true for PowerApps as well.  One thing I’ve learned about PowerApps (in particular when designing them), is that the more screens you have, the slower editing an App can be.  This is just one example of where a Global variable can help! For example.  Let’s say I have 3 forms I want to add into a PowerApp.  My goal []

PowerApps Tip Corner – Know your Delegation!

While PowerApps is a very powerful tool, and can connect to MANY data sources, one of the biggest limitations is in it’s ability to pull back records from a data source.  For performance reasons, PowerApps will only pull in the first 500 records from any data source.  This allows the App to perform well, but also means that you as a PowerApps designer must be aware of how to filter your results to meet this threshold. PowerApps has the ability to offload []