Month: August 2016

Office 365 PowerApps Deep(ish) Dive – Part 1

Even though PowerApps is still in Preview, it continues to Evolve at quite a rapid pace.  A recent addition to the product is the ability to create PowerApps through the browser interface.  While each version brings better functionality, I thought this would be a great time to do a bit of a deeper dive into some of the technical features of the product.  I could certainly list out those functionalities, and made provide a description, but that is completely boring, and just []

SharePoint Modern Lists – A quick tour

Microsoft is now releasing the new Modern Lists out to SharePoint Online, and I thought I would give a quick tutorial of some of the newest features.  So I have created a new Custom List in SharePoint Online: As you can see, a new Custom List is very bare bones.  As you may be accustomed to, a new Custom List comes with the Standard default SharePoint Lists columns, as well as a ‘Title Column.  But, we want to add more columns, so where []