SharePoint Modern Lists – A quick tour

Microsoft is now releasing the new Modern Lists out to SharePoint Online, and I thought I would give a quick tutorial of some of the newest features.  So I have created a new Custom List in SharePoint Online: As you can see, a new Custom List is very bare bones.  As you may be accustomed to, a new Custom List comes with the Standard default SharePoint Lists columns, as well as a ‘Title Column.  But, we want to add more columns, so where []

The Incredible Shrinking SharePoint

Working for a consulting firm, I’m often asked my opinion on the direction of SharePoint.  Sometimes it’s about a specific functionality (i.e. Forms and Workflow), and other times, it’s about SharePoint as a whole, and even what my opinion is on Portals in the enterprise. You seem a bit shorter than I remember… With the advent of of Office 365, and the recent release of SharePoint 2016, my opinion has been shifting with the overall landscape of the way the technologies are moving. []