The Incredible Shrinking SharePoint

Working for a consulting firm, I’m often asked my opinion on the direction of SharePoint.  Sometimes it’s about a specific functionality (i.e. Forms and Workflow), and other times, it’s about SharePoint as a whole, and even what my opinion is on Portals in the enterprise. You seem a bit shorter than I remember… With the advent of of Office 365, and the recent release of SharePoint 2016, my opinion has been shifting with the overall landscape of the way the technologies are moving. []

The Microsoft On-Premise Enterprise Data Gateway is (finally) here!

Last month, Microsoft finally released the Enterprise version of it’s On-Premise Data Gateway.  The name of the product really says it all:  The Data gateway is a server that sits in your On-Premise Datacenter (or closet), and allows communication with certain Office 365 Products, and certain data sources on-prem.  If your organization has started to heavily rely on Power BI, you may be familiar with the concept, or had installed the Personal version of the product in the past.  With the Enterprise []