SharePoint Modern Lists – A quick tour

Microsoft is now releasing the new Modern Lists out to SharePoint Online, and I thought I would give a quick tutorial of some of the newest features.  So I have created a new Custom List in SharePoint Online:


list2As you can see, a new Custom List is very bare bones.  As you may be accustomed to, a new Custom List comes with the Standard default SharePoint Lists columns, as well as a ‘Title Column.  But, we want to add more columns, so where are my List Settings?  The old
default ribbon has been replaced, so to get to our normal list settings screen, we just need to click the settings gear:


In the case of my custom list, I just added a couple of Choice fields, and a Yes/No field.  The list settings screen has been unchanged, so if you are familiar with modifying lists in SharePoint, this will still be very familiar to you:


Now that we have our list structure setup, let’s add some data to it.  You can use the “Quick Edit button” to quickly Add/Edit/delete content as usual.


In addition to data, you can now Add more data structure to the list directly from the standard view by clicking the + icon at the end of the list:


Also, you will notice 2 new buttons on the modified toolbar.  With Modern Lists, Microsoft has integrated Flow and PowerApps directly into the list.  list6This will make it easy to add a Flow workflow, or build a new PowerApp directly from the lists structure.


With the Flow button, you can add a new Flow, or view Flows that have been assigned to the list:list7





With the PowerApps button, you can start the PowerApps Browser GUI and have it build you a new PowerApp from scratch: list8




The new Modern Lists are moving towards stripping the legacy functionality from SharePoint (InfoPath, SP Designer, etc) and allowing users to leverage the latest functionality from Microsoft.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new features in SharePoint Online, please feel free to reach out to me at

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