Customizing SharePoint Search with Query Rules and Promoted Results

Recently, I had a colleague of mine come to me with a request for Search. He wanted to “force” a specific person in the organization to show up at the top of the search results, if a user searched on a specific location. So, by searching on “Boston”, the leader of our Boston Practice should display prominently in the search results. It’s a great use case, and a perfect way to demonstrate how we can customize search to meet those needs. For []

Creating Dashboards in Power BI (Preview)

Currently in Preview in Power BI on Office 365, is the ability to create entire Dashboard pages based on your connected Power BI data. While this functionality is still in preview, it represents a powerful way to show different insights across your Data, and provide your business decision makers the information they need in one single pane of glass. Let’s take it for a spin and see how we can get these insights. To start with the Preview, we need to sign []