Office 365 PowerApps Deep(ish) Dive – Part 1

Even though PowerApps is still in Preview, it continues to Evolve at quite a rapid pace.  A recent addition to the product is the ability to create PowerApps through the browser interface.  While each version brings better functionality, I thought this would be a great time to do a bit of a deeper dive into some of the technical features of the product.  I could certainly list out those functionalities, and made provide a description, but that is completely boring, and just []

SharePoint Modern Lists – A quick tour

Microsoft is now releasing the new Modern Lists out to SharePoint Online, and I thought I would give a quick tutorial of some of the newest features.  So I have created a new Custom List in SharePoint Online: As you can see, a new Custom List is very bare bones.  As you may be accustomed to, a new Custom List comes with the Standard default SharePoint Lists columns, as well as a ‘Title Column.  But, we want to add more columns, so where []

The Incredible Shrinking SharePoint

Working for a consulting firm, I’m often asked my opinion on the direction of SharePoint.  Sometimes it’s about a specific functionality (i.e. Forms and Workflow), and other times, it’s about SharePoint as a whole, and even what my opinion is on Portals in the enterprise. You seem a bit shorter than I remember… With the advent of of Office 365, and the recent release of SharePoint 2016, my opinion has been shifting with the overall landscape of the way the technologies are moving. []

The Microsoft On-Premise Enterprise Data Gateway is (finally) here!

Last month, Microsoft finally released the Enterprise version of it’s On-Premise Data Gateway.  The name of the product really says it all:  The Data gateway is a server that sits in your On-Premise Datacenter (or closet), and allows communication with certain Office 365 Products, and certain data sources on-prem.  If your organization has started to heavily rely on Power BI, you may be familiar with the concept, or had installed the Personal version of the product in the past.  With the Enterprise []

Is it time to extend your SharePoint Workflows?

One thing a lot of clients ask me:  “When should I start looking at a 3rd party product for my SharePoint Workflows?” This can be a tricky question sometimes, as the answer always comes back to: “It depends on what you want to do and what your requirements are.” But I figured I would at least try to compare SharePoint Native Workflows with what would be logically the product that would extend workflow functionality in SharePoint, but not replace it:  Nintex Workflow. []

The Future of SharePoint – What we learned

Microsoft today announced the General Availability of SharePoint 2016, with a live streaming Event from San Francisco.  But what they really announced was their vision for the future of the platform, and some of the new features we can expect to see from SharePoint this year.  What are some things we learned from this announcement? Mobility is (still) a huge focus Responsive Design SharePoint from a UI/UX perspective is changing once again, but finally to provide a much richer mobile experience.  New Team Sites, []